Portable Spectrometer

Portable Spectrometer

Product Details:
  • Wavelength range: 160 to 410 nm
  • Resolution: 130 pm
  • Focal length: 150 mm
  • Voltage: 90-270 VAC, 47-63 Hz (SMPS)
  • Power Rating: 800 VA
  • Operating temperature: 15-35 degree C
  • Humidity: Less than 80 percent
  • Storage temperature: 0-70 degree C
  • Model: M-108N

We offer M-108N Spectrometer at very effective prices. It has a facility of store analysis and spectral data. They are very strong equipment. It has a High-grade efficiency to examine the Holographic Diffraction Grating. These have a merge spectrum facility to detect the faults. These are also known as Optical and Atomic Emission Spectrometer. 


  • Hard plastic
  • Tamper
  • Proof keys
  • High Precision and Accuracy
  • Rapid, Rugged and Reliable
  • Burn Counter – Cylinder-wise as well as Total Counter
  • Patented Argon Saver
  • Argon Gas-Quality Check Operation
  • NRV for Safety of Optics Chamber

Analytical features:

  • Analysis of Ferrous and non-Fe metals
  • Multi-base capability
  • Auto Selection of Base, Matrix with Analysis Chemical Composition
  • Automatic Grade Identification
  • Check-burn Facility
  • Deletion of Poor Burns
  • Display of Mean Value and RSD/SD
  • Global Standardization
  • Type Standardization
  • Simple Re-standardization
  • Graphical representation of all elements ranges
  • Met-sort Analysis Software for sorting metals element-wise
  • Carbon Equivalent (CE)
  • Auto-Phoonk System for Spark Chamber Cleaning
  • Merge spectrum for easy use in Re-standardization
  • Application developed for Wire Analysis
  • Application developed for Thin Sheets’ Analysis
  • Auto-Diagnostics for Faults
  • Single SUS Standardization

Software features:

  • Selectable Burn Parameters for Optimizing Analysis
  • Unlimited Log of all Analysis Data
  • Unlimited Log of all Spectral Data
  • Powerful Flexible Report Writer-Designer
  • Retrieve Data – based on 5 (five) different sample fields
  • Customised Element View Decimal point position
  • View Analytical Range Customized Analytical Range
  • Burn Initiation with Software Keys as well as Hardware Button
  • Hot Key Operations for various functions
  • Melt Addition Programme
  • Check-Sample Facility with Graphical Representation.
  • Grade Library
  • CRM Library
  • Audio-Visual Help for Users to get Operational Maintenance Assistance
  • Database Management
  • Compatibility with OS XP Windows 7 (32 bits)

Optics Features:

  • High-efficiency Holographic Diffraction Grating
  • Temperature Stabilized Compact System
  • Special Patented D-Scan Method for increasing Resolution
  • Special Patented D-Scan Method for increasing Focal length

Spark Source:

  • Low Voltage Optimized Sparking
  • Multi-frequency Range
  • Fully Computer Controlled
  • Unipolar Discharge

Spark Stand:

  • Long-life Tungsten Electrode
  • Pneumatic Sample Clamp
  • Patented Auto-Phoonk System for Cleaning of Spark Stand
  • Open Spark Stand for Small Large Samples
  • Sample Plate easily exchangeable
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